Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hui Jia's Birthday!

Hey guys!
Back again with a new post. So last week, right after my finals (phew, it's finally over) we went out to celebrate Hui Jia's birthday! We celebrated it in advance cuz her birthday falls in between our sem break. Didn't wanna miss it! Man it was fun. Everything was great, the food, the company. 
Hui Jia came over earlier to our hostel and we did some girly stuff ;) Everybody was all dolled up and pretty!

The three of us
So we went to this place near Weld Quay called The Cruises Steak House. The environment was nice and the waitresses were super friendly. Hui Jia and I ordered the chicken, lamb, and beef platter.

Quite upset with the lamb and beef as they were not up to my liking even though I don't really take much of the lamb and beef. At first, I thought it was because of my lack of consuming of the lamb and beef, but it turns out that even the others didn't really like it.
Then we went on and sang birthday songs and took pictures (but i dont have them :( ), ate cake. Everything was amazing. 

Happy birthday to you Hui Jia! Always the cheerful and bubbly one. Wish you have an amazing year ahead. Hope to celebrate more birthdays with you. Love you always! :)

So that's all for this post. Stay tuned for my upcoming post as I have been to KL lately and will blog about it soon! :) Meanwhile, chill with some pics I took the other day. Mostly selfies :D

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Hey guys!
It has probably been like 2 years since my last post? WOW THAT WAS SO LONG AND BOY HAVE YOU GUYS MISSED OUT A LOT ON MY LIFE.

First of all, I'm already in college now. To be precise, I'm currently in KDU University College, Penang doing my Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering for 2.5 years and am already halfway through this. Wow that was fast.

Well, let's start with year 2014. I don't remember if I have mentioned about me wanting to go on a student exchange program by AFS Malaysia before but I have always wanted to go to the USA on the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (KL-YES) scholarship for a semester. I have been through the interview for the state level and was chosen to go to the national levels interview but was only on the reserved list. I got super duper upset but decided to let it go anyways as I can't do anything :(. Year 2014 had been an amazing year. It was my last year of school. Everything was the last. My last cross-country, my last sports day, my last choir practice, etc. Oh and did I mention? I was the pianist for my school's choir team. It was certainly an honor being able to perform for the Princess of Kedah. Everything had been lovely. 
I also applied to Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore with the hopes that I could get a full scholarship and actually go there to study. But with some difficulties in the way, I didn't get to go after the release of my SPM results. 
After my SPM exams, I started working on December 2014, at a spectacles retail shop at a shopping mall nearby. I had a great time working there, making new friends and gaining new knowledge. I have learnt so much there I would not give it up for anything in this world. It has been such an invaluable experience being able to spend some time earning some money and being able to see the out side world. I worked there till May 2015 where I had to stop as I will continue my studies to where I am now.

I got into college on May 2015. I've met so many new friends and joined the Student Council of the college to enlarge my circle of friends and also get amazing experiences that I never thought I would get. I have been given the opportunity to join the team in organizing events and meet countless of amazing people. I have moved out from the college's hostel after staying there for about half a year. I'm now moved in with one of my first friends that I have met in college. Everything has been great up till now. I have had a part time job that I started in August until December. I decided for a change of environment and all that so I handed in my resignation letter with a heavy heart and decided to go for the better. So now, I work as a part time waitress at a restaurant just across the street from my hostel. Sometimes it does get a little too busy and I tend to miss my previous part time job but all is well.

I am hoping to be able to go to Singapore for my internship next year. If all else fails, I will do my internship locally. However, nothing will ever stop me as I am aiming to go to Singapore to further my degree there. By all means I have to get my degrees overseas. 

It has been so long since I last finished reading a good book. Each time I start, I never seem to end. I just dump it to the side. I want to find my love for reading again. I just don't know how. It has also been so long since I have written essays as I am not required to write essays for now xD. But I have felt like my grasp towards my english has already loosen. Last time I used to write so much of essays with such bombastic words and I speak english almost everyday. However, now, it is all different. I speak so much of mandarin that I can feel my english language deteriorating. Which is bad. I need help.

Last December, I had the opportunity to be a part of the organizing committee of the KDU 3rd International Student Conference which was held in my college. It had been a great opportunity for me to meet students from all over Malaysia and also students from overseas. I took so many pictures and I don't know how to share it here!

I got so many things that I wanna upload here but there is just too much!  I will TRY to keep updating stuff here so I can keep track of all this and read all these back one day when I am old and will be laughing at all the amazing memories that I made.

For now, enjoy these photos that I have taken, regardless of food or selfies i feel like a model, chewah. Thank you so much for reading. Sending you virtual hugs and kisses! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hey there. I just have to get this out of mind.
Of course, us, being normal human beings, surviving on planet earth for 17 years or more have people we back stab us, annoy us, or sometimes, hate without any particular reason.
For me, I think I have each of those except for backstabbers? I guess..
However, thinking a lot of this these few days made me realize something. Why cant we just forget about all this. I mean lets just say someone backstabbed me. What is the use of talking about that particular person 24/7? Just move on with your damn life! Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking about the sad part of your life and think about what lies ahead instead. Dont hate something just because that particular person is just a part of it. Maybe that person is just a tiny drop of water in the gigantic ocean. Why not think about the rest of the beautiful ocean with the fishes, aquatic plants, etc. Why care about that DAMN DROP. It is just a FUCKING TINY DROP!
My point here is yeah, of course I dont mean that you cant talk about them at all. Maybe a week or 2 after the incident, and then I think we can close the book already. But you dont have to talk about it for 2 years! C'mon la. You still have more than 2 decades more in your life. Dont tell me you're gonna spend half of it talking about that person.
And one thing I learn from all these is- Patience, self control, and optimism.
Till the next post. Bye! Thanks for reading this useless rant of mine.

P/s: So sorry as there are no pictures attached to this post as im using my tablet and I have no pictures here :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

There's no use crying over spilt milk.

Hello there. LOL. Still haven't post about D-Code part 3 and 4. 
Before that I have some VERY IMPORTANT stuff to tell.
In my post D-Code part 1 I told you guys that 60 students will be chosen to the D-Code bootcamp. Which to be honest, in the first place, I thought that our team will actually make it to the camp. Unfortunately, on the 7th of November, when they announced the finalists, we were not chosen. My heart sank and drowned in the pits of my stomach. I have been waiting for this day for months and this is what I get?! HELL YES, I AM SAD AS HELL. I just finished my piano exam on that day and it was such a relief getting that big bloody burden off my poor shoulders and this shit just ripped my shoulders out, literally. I just went through a roller coaster of emotions. At one point I was the happiest person in the world, then this thing came in my way. Of course I am not blaming them for not choosing us. Of course they will choose the best to attend the camp. C'mon lah. This is not some belacan camp, okay.
I have been thinking that some miracle will happen for the past week. Like them suddenly calling us to the bootcamp. But unfortunately, no. I have been so moody these few days. I have been imagining the scene of the bootcamp for days. How it would be, who would be there, etc. 
When i told sir Nizam about this, he was telling me that he thought we would be able to make it. That was the part. I stood there and I thought "He actually had such high hopes on us and we just broke it". Seriously, I thought we would make it too. And when he asked me, "what do you think we should do then?" I said, "Sir, there's nothing we can do. Redha je lah.." hahah! :D
Recently, they just posted the pictures of the bootcamp on facebook. And yes, the jealousy just added up even more! :( I was already so damn jealous of them getting to go. And the pictures! OHMYGOD D: So, being my typical self, I was groaning and doing all sorts of stupid noises. And my sister was saying "There's no use crying over spilt milk". And I was going all bizzare over it. But after that I was thinking. C'mon. Of course I will cry over spilt milk. WHAT IS THERE TO NOT CRY. What if the milk was my only food? What if the milk was my only source of income? What if the milk was needed to feed some poor children? What if my mother was gonna scold me for spilling the milk? HELL TO THE YES I WOULD CRY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I know it is no use, but I still need to cry. To let my feelings out. To let everything be okay. To express the sadness that has been trapped. To express how desperate I am and how much I miss the camp and the amazing people.
I know. Maybe it's just luck? But I think mostly, our web page too. I keep telling myself. It's okay that we are not chosen. It's okay, maybe the competition was just too intense and we didn't make it. It's okay, there are people who are definitely better than us. It's okay, they deserve the best. It's okay, I'm so damn chill with this. It's okay, I'm not jealous.
But the truth is, hell no, I'm not happy with all of this. I'm not so damn chill with this shit. And hell yes, I'm jealous as fuck. But again, I think, maybe God has something better in store for me. Maybe like PASSING MY PIANO EXAM?! That would be great! :D
I like looking on to the positive sides of things. But this, no, it's really hard for me to see the positiveness in this. I can only come up with the point that maybe God has something better for me. Other than that, no.
Anyways, what's over is already over. There's really nothing much I can do. As I said earlier, redha je lah.
Okay then, I think that's it. Goodbye. Until then! Hasta luego, amigos! :) Te amo!

A screenshot I took with my phone and I think it suits this post really well :)