Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hey there. I just have to get this out of mind.
Of course, us, being normal human beings, surviving on planet earth for 17 years or more have people we back stab us, annoy us, or sometimes, hate without any particular reason.
For me, I think I have each of those except for backstabbers? I guess..
However, thinking a lot of this these few days made me realize something. Why cant we just forget about all this. I mean lets just say someone backstabbed me. What is the use of talking about that particular person 24/7? Just move on with your damn life! Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking about the sad part of your life and think about what lies ahead instead. Dont hate something just because that particular person is just a part of it. Maybe that person is just a tiny drop of water in the gigantic ocean. Why not think about the rest of the beautiful ocean with the fishes, aquatic plants, etc. Why care about that DAMN DROP. It is just a FUCKING TINY DROP!
My point here is yeah, of course I dont mean that you cant talk about them at all. Maybe a week or 2 after the incident, and then I think we can close the book already. But you dont have to talk about it for 2 years! C'mon la. You still have more than 2 decades more in your life. Dont tell me you're gonna spend half of it talking about that person.
And one thing I learn from all these is- Patience, self control, and optimism.
Till the next post. Bye! Thanks for reading this useless rant of mine.

P/s: So sorry as there are no pictures attached to this post as im using my tablet and I have no pictures here :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

There's no use crying over spilt milk.

Hello there. LOL. Still haven't post about D-Code part 3 and 4. 
Before that I have some VERY IMPORTANT stuff to tell.
In my post D-Code part 1 I told you guys that 60 students will be chosen to the D-Code bootcamp. Which to be honest, in the first place, I thought that our team will actually make it to the camp. Unfortunately, on the 7th of November, when they announced the finalists, we were not chosen. My heart sank and drowned in the pits of my stomach. I have been waiting for this day for months and this is what I get?! HELL YES, I AM SAD AS HELL. I just finished my piano exam on that day and it was such a relief getting that big bloody burden off my poor shoulders and this shit just ripped my shoulders out, literally. I just went through a roller coaster of emotions. At one point I was the happiest person in the world, then this thing came in my way. Of course I am not blaming them for not choosing us. Of course they will choose the best to attend the camp. C'mon lah. This is not some belacan camp, okay.
I have been thinking that some miracle will happen for the past week. Like them suddenly calling us to the bootcamp. But unfortunately, no. I have been so moody these few days. I have been imagining the scene of the bootcamp for days. How it would be, who would be there, etc. 
When i told sir Nizam about this, he was telling me that he thought we would be able to make it. That was the part. I stood there and I thought "He actually had such high hopes on us and we just broke it". Seriously, I thought we would make it too. And when he asked me, "what do you think we should do then?" I said, "Sir, there's nothing we can do. Redha je lah.." hahah! :D
Recently, they just posted the pictures of the bootcamp on facebook. And yes, the jealousy just added up even more! :( I was already so damn jealous of them getting to go. And the pictures! OHMYGOD D: So, being my typical self, I was groaning and doing all sorts of stupid noises. And my sister was saying "There's no use crying over spilt milk". And I was going all bizzare over it. But after that I was thinking. C'mon. Of course I will cry over spilt milk. WHAT IS THERE TO NOT CRY. What if the milk was my only food? What if the milk was my only source of income? What if the milk was needed to feed some poor children? What if my mother was gonna scold me for spilling the milk? HELL TO THE YES I WOULD CRY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I know it is no use, but I still need to cry. To let my feelings out. To let everything be okay. To express the sadness that has been trapped. To express how desperate I am and how much I miss the camp and the amazing people.
I know. Maybe it's just luck? But I think mostly, our web page too. I keep telling myself. It's okay that we are not chosen. It's okay, maybe the competition was just too intense and we didn't make it. It's okay, there are people who are definitely better than us. It's okay, they deserve the best. It's okay, I'm so damn chill with this. It's okay, I'm not jealous.
But the truth is, hell no, I'm not happy with all of this. I'm not so damn chill with this shit. And hell yes, I'm jealous as fuck. But again, I think, maybe God has something better in store for me. Maybe like PASSING MY PIANO EXAM?! That would be great! :D
I like looking on to the positive sides of things. But this, no, it's really hard for me to see the positiveness in this. I can only come up with the point that maybe God has something better for me. Other than that, no.
Anyways, what's over is already over. There's really nothing much I can do. As I said earlier, redha je lah.
Okay then, I think that's it. Goodbye. Until then! Hasta luego, amigos! :) Te amo!

A screenshot I took with my phone and I think it suits this post really well :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Birthday, Friends, Languages, Apologies.

Sooooo. I did not type D-Code Camp part 3 and 4 yet :/ I'm busy and lazy :P
Sorry tho. But I know nobody reads my blog so what's the point apologizing? 

About a month ago, it was my birthday. Which was on the 11th of August. I bet most of you forget your friends' birthdays. I dare not say family because you have been celebrating birthdays with them since.. like forever! It's not like you can easily forget your birthday. So let's be honest here. Without facebook, most of us forget our friends' birthdays. Only your super best friends remember them (Well, sometimes). Luckily for me, my best friends remembered :) My family members too :) I purposely hid my birthday on facebook just to see who remembers my birthday. Trust me, by doing this, you can see who your true friends are. And your wall won't be filled with wishes from other people besides your friends and families. It will also not be filled with wishes who you have NEVER talked to before on facebook, which is a little creepy to me. I thought about this last year. I waited a whole year just to do this! Thankfully, I remembered! :D -SUCCESS-

Next, I've been going to Japanese class which is thought by a teacher in my school. Which is really nice of her to start up this class for us form 4s. I started a few months ago. My hiragana is off to a good start. Conversation wise, still bad :P I can introduce myself in Japanese tho! Urm. I have the sudden urge to type Japanese. If any of you guys are Japanese. Do comment or something so that we can be friends and I can perhaps practice some Japanese with you? And you can practice some English or Chinese (FYI, my chinese sucks) with me? LOL. As if there are people who read my blog =_=
So here goes.

はじめまして。わたしはリンスユインです。スユインとよんでください。じゅうろくさいです。SMK Sultan Badlishah のよねんせいです。ペナンからきました。いま、ケダにすんでいます。わたしのしゅうみわしょうせつをよのことです。どうぞよろしこおねがいします。

Hahah. Go Google translate if you're curious :P

Next, do not be surprised. I am learning..... SPANISH. If any of you guys are from Badlishah. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (a billion times) Don't think that I learnt because there's Guille in our school. I was inspired by a person on youtube from the USA who is actually a hyperpolyglot. Which means, a person that speaks lots of languages. He lives in New York. He speaks 20 languages like Farsi, French, Hebrew, Pashto, Arabic, and many others! He inspired me. So I took the initiative to look up any languages which are easy to learn and are quite close to english grammar wise and vocab wise. And I found out that Spanish is quite an easy language to master if you are fluent in English. So I decided to pick it up. I mean like.. why not? If it does not work out, it's okay. At least I tried. And gained some knowledge. If it does work out, that would be brilliant. But since this guy (his name is Tim Doner) can speak 20 languages (he is only like 17) it makes him a HYPERpolyglot. A polyglot can speak around 5 languages I guess. But nobody actually officiated how many numbers of languages you have to master to be a polyglot. So, I guess around 5? I will leave a link at the end of the post so you can check him out and hopefully get inspired too! So, I'm gonna attempt introducing myself in Spanish right now. HERE GOES NOTHING!

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Lim Suying. Tengo dieciséis años. Mi cumpleaños es el once de agosto. Yo vivo en Kulim. Me gusta leer libros. Yo estudio en la escuela en Kulim. El nombre de escuela es SMK Sultan Badlishah. Tengo tres hermanas. Yo soy el tercero. Yo hablo inglés, malayo, chino y un poco de japonés. 

Basically, that's it. Again, Google translate if you're curious :P
I think that's it for this post! I will try updating about the D-Code camp soon. I hope I still remember the details I wanna tell you guys. But no worries, the memories are always kept in my heart so it wouldn't be a problem!
So, that's it till the next time, guys! Goodbye! UNTIL THEN!
じゃまたね!¡Hasta Luego! :))


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

D-Code Camp 3 2013 (Penang) Part 2

Hello there. 
I can't seem to be updating really quickly. Even though I'm in front of my computer most of the time, I don't see the reason why I do not blog. I'm still afraid that I'll forget all these memories that I had. So without crapping so much, let's get straight to the point ;)
I thought I didn't have to wake up early anymore since it's the school holidays and this camp is pretty relaxing. Unfortunately, I had to wake up at 6. To take my bath and get ready to go down for breakfast at 7. Man, I WAS LAZY AS HELL. Ameeta took a bath first so I decided to switch on the TV. Upin & Ipin was on! One of my favourite Malay cartoons ever! But it was in English cuz it was in Disney Channel. It was still awesome anyways. After the two of us got ready, we went to Izzati's room which was a few rooms away. 
Went down together with the others and had our breakfast at the cafe. We were the first to arrive. Then we had our breakfast which was SCRUMPTIOUS, FYI. But I took a little too much. And I remembered what they said about NOT WASTING FOOD. And my friends were also constantly reminding me. Suying, NO WASTING. And I had to stuff them into my mouth and clear my plate. But the one thing I regretted was taking the bread pudding a little too much. I did not like it very much because I think that the vanilla sauce was LACK OF VANILLA FLAVOUR. Like how could that happen =_=. 
After that we went into the hall. Being the first team to arrive, again. And we realized that our sitting position is different already. The board which has our school name on it was transferred to another table. Which meant that we had to shift places. And I had to sit in front! D: But it was all cool and awesome. It's actually I had the HONOR to sit in front. OH, WHAT A PRIVILEGE! This is not sarcastic :D It was actually nice sitting in front. But the bad thing was that in order to see Kak Liyana, I had to turn my whole head. Which was aching. Even if I turned to face her, I still had to turn my head. And it was not for a while only, it was for about half an hour which I had to keep in that position. Imagine my pain.
Before starting the class, they had a mystery session which they have every morning. We played Kamil kata! Which is actually Simon says in Malay. The game was conducted by the awesome Abang Paan. I was doing pretty good in the beginning. But when he started to go fast. I lost. I lost when he said "Jump!" I was like shitzzzzzzzzz. Then I had to sit down T_T. But it was really awesome. 
After that, we carried on with our first lesson of the day, HTML 2 and the review of HTML 1. Man, my neck hurt the entire one hour! When they said "Okay, go back and do your codecademy now!" IT WAS SUCH A RELIEF TO HEAR THAT. Okay, lemme be honest. When I don't understand something, I get sleepy. When I'm so into something, it is possible that I won't sleep for the whole day just to learn that thing. But I kinda didn't understand. I was getting a little sleepy. But thankfully I did not sleep in front of Kak Liyana. It would be such a disgrace :P. 
Later, we did the chicken dance which lead by Abang Fazril. I mean like who doesn't know the all so famous chicken dance! If you don't know the dance, you must have been living under the rock.
Then, they had their morning tea. But I totally lost my appetite. In the camp, I was eating only for the sake of surviving, not for the sake of pleasure. LOL. Sounds so... Philosophy-ist. haha. But seriously I really lost my appetite. And I did not eat. But every time there's a break, we will definitely get out of that hall. Because it was freezing like hell in there! Holy shit. It was so damn cold. And there was a hint of pleasure when you go out and feel the warm air against your skin. Ahhhh. Even though it was not that warm, but it was definitely warmer than the hall. We just went out had a little stroll and eased ourselves. And went inside again. Even though the food looked good, I really did not want to eat. I just went inside because I could not take another look at food anymore @_@ Yes. It was THAT bad.
Then everybody came back in after a short 15 minutes break. After that we continued on with the 2nd lesson of the day which was the review of HTML 1 and 2. Kak Liyana seems very professional when teaching. I understand everything she says easily. She looks very determined and very professional indeed. After another neck breaking 1 hour, the magical sentence was said again. "Continue your codecademy, guys!" Hallelujah. 
After that we learnt CSS. Kak Liyana said "If HTML is the skeleton of the webpage, then CSS is the skin of it." CSS is something very basic to give colours and stuff to our webpage. It is just to give our webpage a little bit of decoration. I started to really like this coding thing. She thought us many ways of using this CSS thing and ways to link it to our HTML file. Things were getting really interesting. How we get to decorate our webpage in so many ways. I never actually thought I will be able to do all this! I was quite surprised my self! But at the same time I was having TONS of fun! 
After that we had a short tea break. All of us had no appetite so we just went back to our rooms to change into our sports attire for our team building activity. As usual we went to each others' rooms to wait and get down together. 
We went into the hall and waited for everybody to arrive. After that all of us did some stretches and stuff. Haha. It was really relaxing because of my stupid neck pain. Then they asked us to group up according to our groups and we went to the beach together! Which was amazing. There were lots of tourists and stuff. Then they briefed us on how to play the games which was amazing!
The first game was the whole team had to line up in a line and pass rubber bands by straws and the last person has to kneel down and put the rubber band at the tip of the cone. And they pushed me in front. So I was the only girl in the front. The rest were boys and the last were the other girls. LOL. I don't mind. As long I had fun! I was passing the rubber bands really quickly to Mustaqim (my group leader). And all of a sudden, when I was passing the rubber band, his straw accidentally poked my chin. Ouch. I wanted to laugh at the same time. But I kept on passing the damn rubber bands. At last, we got about 5 only =_=. But it felt like I passed 50! After that they had another game where the whole team still stand in a line. And they pass balloons filled with water to the person behind. And the last person has to pass it to a pair of people who will be holding a kain batik to catch the balloon! Our team only managed to catch around 3 :P. It was really fun.
After that we did a small photo shoot by the beach. Amazing! We took lots of pictures. And also a group picture of the whole camp. I thought I wouldn't be able to be in a group picture cuz I had to leave the camp early. Thankfully I'm in this pic! :D 
Then we went around the beach to take our own group pictures. We took lots of pictures! A team of Badlishans! Which was amazing! Love the girls! We make such a wonderful team :). Unfortunately, I left my phone in my bag. And my bag was in the hall. I was such a genius. But I got the photos cuz I got it from the others :P
We got back to the hall. They told us that we only have 1 and a half hour to bath, pray, and eat. Ameeta and I made a great team. Half an hour for bathing and a whole hour for eating :D It felt really great to bath after a whole day. But it was not that bad cuz we didn't sweat much. 

Then we went down to have our great dinner! Seriously, I enjoyed every single second I was there. I did not regretting for coming to this camp. NOT EVEN A SINGLE BIT. We sat together with our schoolmates as usual. Even though being on the 2nd day only, it's like we've known each other for a really long time! 
Then we went back into the hall to continue with our projects that we've been doing like our own web pages and codecademy! I really like doing codecademy and trying new stuffs. Even though sometimes I get my codes wrong, I do it like trial and error. 
We went back to our rooms at 10. And this night, we did not meet up. We went straight to bed. After refreshing myself up, I went straight to bed. 
It was an amazing day I had. That's all for this post! Till the next post, goodbye! xox
Here's some photos I got from the D-Code Album :)
Me looking retarded doing the chicken dance :D

Kak Wa, Me, Farahin! :D

Farahin and I ;)

My teammate, Alia. Putting the rubber band into the tip of the cone.

I'm behind there with Aina, my teammate/ schoolmate.
Catching the balloon using the kain batik.

The group picture that I never thought I would be part of :')

Love my D-Code family :')

Fellow Badlishans with Abang Fariq by the beach!
1 person was missing :/

Badlishah's D-Coders. Hearts.
All 9 of us were in this pic! 

Loving this pic! 1 person was missing :/